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So, I love celebrating Sunshine’s birthday. I love thinking of a theme then dreaming of how I would design it. It is truly a creative outlet for me.

This year, Legos was the perfect theme because Sunshine plays with them everyday and loves them so much. So, for the party, I created a Lego man and designed the party around him. Sunshine was able to help me with party planning. We had fun talking about it and anticipating the upcoming event. Here is a recap of the decorations and party. Enjoy!

P.S. I’m already thinking of theme for next year!! Any ideas?

Sunshine putting his custom folded paper birds into his goodie bags.

Party Day!

Party Alert!

Welcome to Sunshine's Birthday Party!

Lunch anyone?

Let's eat!

Party Favors for Kids.

Happy Birthday Banner & Lego man on Sticks.

Here's our Lego man on our dogwood tree! He was everywhere.

Kid activities ready to go.

Lego building table and lego designed coloring sheets from Lego.com.

Lego stamping and thumb print tree party keepsake by TwinkleMama for Sunshine.

Hmm. What shall we build?

Lego stamping ... didn't they turn out beautiful?

The kids enjoyed Pin the Lego man. We also played find Lego man.

Am I close? Did I get it? Let me see.

Our super popular balloon guy! He is able to make these incredible creations.

Aren't these jet packs cool? It was so fun to see the kids running around with these.

My dad's bubble machine for Sunshine was a huge hit with the kids.

Custom made Lego man pinata. It took me 3 days to make.

Look at that power!

Look at that excitement. The kids used the party favor bags to collect all the candy and toys!

Sunshine's cake came out so nicely. It tasted super yummy too. It was marble cake layered with passion fruit mousse.

Lego man cupcake toppers. Aren't they cute?


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This year, Sunshine choose a bat theme for our Halloween decorations. We had fun making the decorations using foam bats and eyes. Lots of glue gun was used!

With all the scary Halloween decorations out there, I love that ours is kid friendly! Aren’t the bats cute? I love all their eyes.

How’s your Halloween decorations coming along? Only a few more days till Trick O Treating!

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 As Sunshine has gotten older, one of his favorite holidays is Halloween. Everywhere we look, we see Halloween reminders .. decorations, candies, costumes, etc. In fact, we stumble upon his Transformer outfit at Costco. He was so excited about his outfit and has been wearing it around the last month. I realized that it’s good to buy the costume earlier so he can enjoy the dress-up longer!

Have you purchased your outfits? What will you be this year?

BTW:  Does anyone know which Transformer this is?

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The other day, Sunshine came home and was so excited about a science experiment they did at school. It sounded pretty easy so we headed to the drugstore and picked up a carbonated soda to start his experiment.

In a clear cup of carbonated soda, Sunshine dropped in raisins. Lots of bubbles surfaced and popped. I could hear the bubbles sizzling and it was pretty neat to watch. So, what’s going on? It turns out the carbonated soda releases carbon dioxide bubbles and causes the raisins to rise to the top. You can learn more here.

Will the raisin rise??? Look at those bubbles!


Look at those cheeks!


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My neighbor, Rachelle, was so kind to lend us her watercolor kit so we could try her new art project.

I always find it interesting to see how it turns out. I thought Sunshine would have a blast blowing the watercolors around but instead he loved creating bubbles from the droppers. And, he invented a new way to let the watercolors run through a contraption he created.

After letting his new artwork dry outside, we made custom gift tags. They turned out quite beautiful.

Using droppers to create bubbles of watercolors.

Will the watercolors flow through my straw?

Cutting his artwork into gift tags!

Homemade granola and gift tag for our lovely neighbor! Sunshine choose the orange ribbon. I think it looks quite nice! Much better than the dark red that I choose.

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I love fall. The weather is perfect. Not too hot or too cold. It is the start to all the fun holidays … Halloween, Thansgiving, and Christmas. And, now we can add another thing we love about fall, apple picking.

We have a wonderful apple tree in our backyard. Since Labor Day, we have been enjoying the fresh fruit. Sunshine is our expert apple picker and he’s loves alerting me when the apples are ready.

It has been great watching Sunshine learn how the apple can be used in so many different ways. We turned the apples into muffins, struddles, and juice. We talked about the apple core and the seeds. And, we shared some with our friends.

If you have a chance, go apple picking. It’s quite fun.

Sunshine loves to pick the apples esp those really high ones!

Getting those hard to reach apples!

Freshly baked apple muffins!

Love this juicer! The apple juice was so good.

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