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Since we moved into our home last spring, we have been trying our hand at gardening. We inherited a lovely garden with lots of trees and flowers. We have tried to keep it up with planting more flowers and adding a wine barrel for vegetable planting. And, whenever, we remember, we weed because there are lots of very resilient little weeds.

This weekend, we bought ladybugs from our local nursery. There were 1500 of them in a little container similar to a Ben & Jerry ice cream. You can buy the same ones online here. The ladybugs are natural pesticides for aphids which love to eat our the leaves of our roses. Our poor roses look like they have been eaten alive. If you aren’t interested in ladybugs, I have been told Neom oil spray is a good alternative.

If you are interested in buying the ladybugs, make sure you are heading straight home because they need to be refrigerated before they can be let out at night. The directions say you can let out in early morning or on cloudy day but night time is the best to time to release because they are less lightly to fly away at night. Since, the ladybugs were in the refrigerator, Sunshine checked on them several times a day and he had lots of comments … “I see them … I think they are still sleeping … They are still there … They are ok.” You can imagine how excited he was.

We invited our good friends for dinner and it was the perfect outside night activity for the kids.  The kids enjoyed releasing them into the garden and seeing a little bit of nature at work. There were so many of them to place around the garden.

It has been a few days and the kids are still finding them so hopefully they will stay around. Ladybugs thrive well if the ground is moist and they have a source of aphids.

1500 ladybugs in this little container.

Ohhh, look at them fly! Ahh, are they going to bite??

To learn more about lady bugs, check out this fun site full of facts.


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One of my fondest memories as a kid was camping with my parents. I loved being outdoors with the fresh air and open sky. So, I was so excited to introduce Sunshine to this fun activity during his 10 day spring break.

We borrowed my mom’s awesome 2 person tent. It came in a tiny bag that was half the size of a pillow. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to setup. Snap Snap and All ready to go! You can find the tent here at Kelty Tents. I’m definitely putting  this on Sunshine’s Christmas wish list.

Isn't the tent looking pretty good in our family room?

We had the tent in our house for a few days and Sunshine had a blast. He spent a few afternoons with his sleeping bag, flashlights, stuffed animals and toys. In fact, the first day, we put up the tent, he even had dinner inside. I couldn’t get him out of the tent. He loved zipping up the zippers and being enclosed inside. There is something about kids and tight spaces. They just love it.

Inside's Sunshine new Favoriate place.

Then, to continue our camping adventure, we invited one of his favorite friends, N, over for an afternoon camp-out. The kids played games, drank hot chocolate, and ate some homemade popcorn.

Enjoying the outdoors ... It was almost 70 today! Luv California.

It was a fun afternoon for the kids. Once they were outdoors, they came up with all sort of fun things to do. That is the beauty of being outdoors. It remind me of interesting post I read about kids being bored.  It said that staying indoors was one of surest ways to become bored. I can attest the kids were not bored. They had endless amounts of idea and energy.

Watch the Hula Hoop Fly!! Watch OUT.

The kids were pretending to be lions and tigers jumping through hoops.

Aren't they cute? Dipping marshmallows into hot chocolate. Yummy.

We tried to roast marshmallows but didn’t succeed. Not because, we didn’t try. We had our marshmallows sticks and marshmallows all ready to go. Turns out, we had the wrong type of wood. According to N, we had a fake log and we can’t cook on that. I had no idea I had gotten fake wood. It burns well but not suitable for cooking according to the directions. Who knew there was such a thing? Even though, N is only 3, she is a one smart cookie.  The kiddies and I were disappointed that they couldn’t roast marshmallows but we did start the fire with the sticks they kids collect that morning. And, Sunshine did have a chance to be a firefighter. He saw how fast the water put out a fire and the smoke it generated.

Sunshine loved putting out the fire.

Sunshine changed into his fireman uniform so he could get the job done right 🙂

We have a few more days of Spring Break left so hopefully, we can redeem ourselves and get a real fire log to roast marshmallows!! We can’t wait to do more fun outdoor activities.

Did you have a fav thing you did as a kid? What was it? Have you shared it with your kids?

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The last 2 weeks, we have been making mini pizzas. It has been really fun do with the kiddies. Surprisingly, it is pretty simple. We used pre-made pizza dough (trader joe’s or wholesfood has them) with spaghetti sauce and chopped veggies.

I love making these mini pizzas because you can use whatever you have in your fridge including leftovers. One night, we used leftover meatballs to pizza and Sunshine was so intintrigued with the process. Another variation has been to substitute the pizza dough with portobello mushrooms. This is super yummy.

Tonight, we are making calzones. Hoping these will turn out well.

What are you making tonight?

Rolling out mini pizza doughs.

Mommy, my pizza dough is so round. Look. Look!

Sunshine: Mommy, I don't like bell peppers... Do I have to?
Mommy: Yes. You want pizza?
Sunshine: Fine (resigned tone)

I'm going to put a lot on.

Ready to eat!


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