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Our good friend invited us to the Discovery Museum in Reno, Nevada. It was really nice place to visit. Unique exhibits and cool interactive things for kids to do. I liked the history of mining of gold in Nevada. It was interesting and a good way to introduce history to the kids.

The museum was not too large or overwhelming. The museum is well laid out and easy to get through in a few hours. We packed lunch and ate in their cafeteria which was nice when you have kids.


Climbing the clouds. What an awesome view from the top for the kids!


So want this for my house! Love this magnetic wall for building.


The kids spent a while playing with this water feature that circled the Cloud structure they kids had climbed.


Sunshine had an awesome time making power from the wind devices. He was curious about how biking and sun could power things. It was a cool exhibit which even allowed him to jump and make his own earthquakes. Cool, right?



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Over Christmas break, we rode our bikes to the American History Museum to check out the annual Lego Exhibit. It was pretty cool. The Bay Area Lego club members assembled these cool creations. Pretty neat. Check it out.

What a cute neighborhood!

Cool park and forest.

City corner complete with mall and superman (can you see him on top?).

Loads of trains!

What city is complete without a farm?
After looking at the display, I had a sinking feeling that I would need another room for Sunshine’s legos. This was a serious hobby that can last until he has grandkids. Many of the enthusiasts were grandpas tinkering away with their legos. I’m at a loss as how to display his legos. He’s great playing with them but when we have friends over, we have to move them to my room since many of the kids break them and it’s a pain to put them back together. It’s becoming a problem because he has so many sets now. I don’t have an option for another room! Hmm. What to do?

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Around Taipei, you can find these new budget hair salons which are offering haircuts for 100NT which is about $3.32. The salon we visited was not large but was clean, bright and held 5 chairs. Sunshine’s haircut was only about 10 minutes but the cut was beautiful. I couldn’t believe how fast the hair stylist was.  She used a vacuum to clean up the shaved hairs which was weird but super efficient. I felt like we were in a car wash. In and Out.

QB Cuts touts fast and good haircuts. Walk-in only.

We paid for our haircut via this ticket machine. When the stylist was ready, she called our ticket number. We waited a matter of seconds.

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Since Sunshine was 4 1/2 months, we have been traveling between Asia and the US. In past, I was preoccupied with entertaining and humoring Sunshine. I remember my carry-on bags was super heavy containing surprise toys, numerous snacks, and a portable DVD player.
Each year, things have been getting easier and easier with Sunshine. Nowadays, he’s pretty self-sufficient and a seasoned traveler familiar with the routine. On our recent trip to Asia, I tried something new. In a little zipper bag, Sunshine was given a journal, bag of crayons and stickers. Right away he took to the idea. On the plane, he began scribbling and drawing. Later on, after we arrived to our destination, my mom introduced the idea of journaling the places he has been by cutting out and gluing pictures from maps and cards from places that he has been to. Sunshine loved the idea. My mom keeps a detailed journal/diary of all her travels. Sunshine clearly inherited this journaling gene from my mom.
Aside from the journaling, Sunshine wanted to write books. So, we took some 8 1/2 by 11 paper, cut in half and stapled them together. His created a Safety Book series which he worked with great enthusiasm. For our next trip, his travel kit will include blank books, stapler, tape and glue since he loved creating these books. FYI, I kept the scissors in the check-in bag.

Sunshine's travel kit along with his new collection of Safety Books. He loves giving them away as gifts to his friends and family that he meets on his travels.

Sunshine loved to draw in his travel journal.

Sunshine's impromptu journal work area. Sunshine loves to cut and glue so journaling is perfect travel activity.

Sunshine's still hard at work creating his Safety Books. He was on Book 10 by the time our travels finished.

On this trip, I realized that I needed to find somethings to occupy my time. I actually had time to read magazines and watch a movie. It was a weird feeling. On our next trip, I will definitely pack more reading more material and download a few movies for myself. I can’t wait for our next trip.
What travel tips do you have? Love to hear how you occupy your child.

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Today, I stumbled upon a beautiful Victorian house in downtown Palo Alto called Deborah’s Palm. When I walked in, I discovered a warm and inviting environment with Persian rugs and leather chairs. Prints of famous and powerful women as well as inspirational sayings grace the walls.

Deborah's Palm named after the Biblical prophet and judge Deborah, who held court under a palm tree.

The women inside were so nice and offered to give me a tour and what services they provided. I even got a free massage! Every first Wednesday, as part of their lunch time meet-ups, they offer free 30 minutes massages by a trained massage therapist to anyone interested.

So, what is this fab oasis for overly worked and stressed-out women?

Deborah’s Palm is a nonprofit started by Katie Ritchey. Her goal was to provides women a place to gather and connect. The center offers many services including community classes, free lending library, resource and therapy including mentoring with licensed counselors. There is no membership fee.

The center is truly an amazing place for women of all ages and economic income. I was so impressed by what they offers to our community. And, I had super day with this wonderful find! Check it out if you are ever in Palo Alto.

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