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Our good friend invited us to the Discovery Museum in Reno, Nevada. It was really nice place to visit. Unique exhibits and cool interactive things for kids to do. I liked the history of mining of gold in Nevada. It was interesting and a good way to introduce history to the kids.

The museum was not too large or overwhelming. The museum is well laid out and easy to get through in a few hours. We packed lunch and ate in their cafeteria which was nice when you have kids.


Climbing the clouds. What an awesome view from the top for the kids!


So want this for my house! Love this magnetic wall for building.


The kids spent a while playing with this water feature that circled the Cloud structure they kids had climbed.


Sunshine had an awesome time making power from the wind devices. He was curious about how biking and sun could power things. It was a cool exhibit which even allowed him to jump and make his own earthquakes. Cool, right?



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