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Have you ever had a proud mama moment? Yesterday, Sunshine performed his first piano recital with flying colors. He was the opening act and played beautifully. He played two songs. Jingle Bells and Sing to Sleep. Right before the performance, I could tell he was a little nervous but he stepped up and really took charge. I was very proud. We were lucky so many friends and family could attend which made it a very special event for Sunshine.

Sunshine was nervous before the recital but I reassured him that  his teacher prepped him with how to walk to the stage, how to bow, how many people to expect, and what he should watch out for when he played. Moreover, he had been practicing every morning before school so I told him he should feel good about his upcoming performance. And, I reminded him that he was the one who wanted to perform because he liked the idea and at the same he was able to raise money for the needy. Recital ticket sales benefited a local school and he was quite proud that he was able to do that with his performance. He raised $130 for the students.

Sunshine at the piano.

Sunshine at the piano.

Many friends ask me when he started playing. When he was 5, we started with a group class for one semester and he liked it. After the group class, we began private lessons since he expressed interest and I felt private lessons gave Sunshine more attention which is needed when starting piano. It’s been 4 1/2 months and he still likes it. My philosophy is if he does not like it, then we stop. I want him to like playing piano and find joy in it. The teacher helps him find pieces that he enjoys which I think helps. He likes minor pieces which the teacher says has a lot of emotion which is so like him … more dramatic. Personally, I’m not into playing piano. I did for many years but to be honest don’t have much of an interest thus I know I’m not the tiger mom that will force Sunshine to do it. In fact, I’m the opposite. Of course, I’m glad that he likes it and know that it will serve him well. Piano provides discipline and responsibility. It gives him an appreciation for music and exposes him to a world outside of his love for building and playing sports. Most importantly, it gives him pride and a sense of joy and confidence. Piano provides a strong basis if he want to try other instruments. Personally, I think the guitar and drums are cool but this is up to him.

Should parents force there kids to play? I don’t have the answer but for now, Sunshine wants to play so we do. SF Gate has an interesting article on this subject. Do you kids play? Do you think it is important?


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