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Circling around…

Do you ever find yourself circling around? I busy myself with projects and sometimes don’t get to enjoy the beautiful things in life. And, I find myself exhausted and discontented.

Everyday, I find myself needing to remind myself the importance of rest and meditating. I have to admit that I tend to forget and thus find myself circling around.

What are things you do to enjoy the little things?

I love to journal, take a bath, listen to music, read a good book … So, the next time I take up a project, I hope to remind myself … relax and take permission to do something I love so I can enjoy the little things in life!


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So, I’m not a confident cook. I’m not bad but definitely not great. I do wish I was great and was gifted like my friend Dana and Jenny. It seems they are able to effortlessly put together meals.

I love the idea of making bento boxes. I love the food looks so cute and adorable. With my kid going to school soon, I thought I’d look into this. The world of bento making is huge. I came across a cool site that talks me through this new world. This awesome SF mom has a wonderful website. I think I will be up all night reading this. Yawn & Yippie.

Lunch In a Box

I’m excited to get started. I ordered Yum Yum Bento Box. Can’t for it to get here!

Update 🙂

I’m proud to say that I attempted my first bento box. Looking not too shabby. I did buy a new rice cooker, a rice holder to make the circle, and a whole punch but it looks worth it, right?

My first Bento!

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Writing for Therapy?

I’ve had always loved to journal but with life’s changes and expectations, my time to journal just didn’t make the cut. Now, with a little journal, I have a chance to journal a little everyday. It is a good way me to sit down and write about something that I have been reading about, working on, or thinking about.

I find journaling therapeutic. A good way to think about the day’s event or to ponder about an issue that has been bothering me. Sometimes, when you see things on paper and pen, the problem surfaces subconciously. This is a great reminder why I started a little journal. I hope that I inspire you to journal too.

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“It takes a lot of courage to share your dreams with someone else.” Erma Bombeck

As I have gotten older, I’ve realized that when I became a mom, I felt that some of my dreams were lost or forgotten. But, luckily, new dreams were blossomed as my life evolved. I love being a mom and seeing life through my little one. Kids are naturally curious and happy. Life doesn’t seem to be so complicated for them. Their needs are simple: to be loved and to be valued. When I think about it. This is a nice dream to fulfil.

As my child is growing up, I’m starting to have more time to fulfil some of my dreams. To be honest, I’m kinda excited. I’m lucky to have the luxury to do so! I’m working on my bucket list and hope that I will be adding and deleting from list. Hopefully, you will see some of my dreams on a little journal.

So, what are your dreams? What do you wish for? I’d love to hear about it! Have a great day.

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Diving in…

 Have you ever just taken a dive in? And, hoped for the best. Well, I took a leap of faith and started a little journal. After a few hours of tweaking, I’m still tweaking and must say, “I’m defeated by blogging.” I had dreams of just blogging but the design is not where I want it to be. But, I’m determined to figure it out. So, please bear with me.

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Hello world!

Welcome to a little jounal. Stay tune as I figure out the blogging world!

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