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We had a fabulous day at Gilroy Gardens, a horticulture  and amusement park. It was such a pleasant place to take the kids because it is well shaded and beautiful landscaped with lush greenery and flowers. The park is well-kept, clean, and everyone who works there is so friendly. Key highlights are the train rides, water park, duck boat ride, and car rides.

When we go to places like this, I remember why we moved back home! Love the creative clean outdoor space and friendly nice people!

Sunshine taking the lead on map reading. Thank goodness cuz Mommy is not fond of reading maps!

Driving mommy around the park!


Learning about different types of leaves.


Learning about our eco system.


Rock maze was quite complicated, we almost couldn't find our way out!


Watch out for those buckets of water!


Taking a hot air balloon ride!


Look at how lush the park is!


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This is one of the easiest and yummiest egg omelet that you can make with your kids. These taste great warm or cold. And, are good for school lunches too.

We made these for a Labor Day brunch and they were a hit with our guests. Everyone was asking for the recipe. So, here it is!

Recipe from my friend Dana:

      1) Spray pan into muffin pan.

      2) Layer muffin pan with mixed green onions, ham, and shredded cheese.

      3) Then, pour in beaten egg. Bake at 375 degrees  for 15 minutes or

,         until the egg puffs up. Check with toothpick.

You can substitute ham for turkey or any other deli meat you have. These taste great with chopped spinach too!

Helping spread the cheese! So much fun.

Almost ready to bake!

It is the perfect bite of savory!

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Since Sunshine was a toddler, we have used a portable dvd player (now the iPad) to help keep from squirming around when the barber is cutting his hair. He’s not fond of the razor. This method gives me the flexibility to use different shops (esp when we travel) and find the best prices!

So, instead of going to a specialty kid hairdresser, perhaps try this method! 

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So, I finally figured out the right amount of food for Sunshine to bring to lunch, 2 mini burgers, some carrots, small container of fruit and milk! With this lunch, he is no longer the last to finish (which he hated) and he’s full. According to him, it’s the perfect lunch. He now wants them for lunch everyday.

I found these mini burger buns and patty at Trader Joe’ s. Every morning, I grill the patty, toast the bread, and assemble with 1 slice of cheddar cheese, avocado or spinach, and tomatoes. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take that long to make. I precut the avocado and tomatoes so it saves time. Total 15 minutes. I like to make it in the morning so the burgers doesn’t get too cold and the bread does not become soggy.

What do your kids eat for school lunch? I might need more ideas when Sunshine gets tired of hamburgers!

Aren't they cute?? I wish my lunch looked so yummy!

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This summer, Sunshine learned how to ride on a two-wheeled bike and since then we have been riding our bike around the neighborhood. We’re lucky to have a bike boulevard in our neighborhood which allows us to ride for a few miles without stopping. Sunshine loves to ride fast and we get to cover a lot of ground!

Biking riding has been a wonderful way for the two of us to chat about what we see and to actively spend quality time together. During our rides, we talk about the importance acknowledging other neighbors, listening for cars, and saying thank you to others for sharing the road or sidewalk with us.

Riding a two-wheel bike definitely seems to be a rite of passage for Sunshine. He’s quite proud because all the older kids ride only two wheels. In fact, his doctor even asked him if he was riding a two-wheel bike.  I was surprised because I didn’t know this a development check .

Watch me go!

Mommy, I like these vines, all the different colors - red, green, brown.


Mommy, I like this really tall tree. Can we plant it too?

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This morning, we visited the Los Altos History Museum which had a two-day special exhibit featuring local train clubs. It was amazing to the pride club members had showing off their trains and model railroading. Sunshine had a great time watching all the old steam and electric trains run on detailed track layouts. 

If you are interested in seeing some trains, The Golden Gate Lionel Railroad Club is hosting a Toy Train Sale and Show on Sun, January 29.

Toot Toot. Watch the stream train go!


Look at James go!


I love watching these trains!


So cool! Trains in a car. Check it out!


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My parents gave us a huge bag of Rosemary from their garden and I thought it would be fun to paint with them. I asked my neighbor, Rachelle, if we could paint at her house since she was our art expert! 
The kids were into the painting with traditional brushes but painting with rosemary was not a hit. Next time, I’m thinking we will have to use it as a splating tool next time and it will definitely need to be outside!  That might be more fun.

It started with this painting!

Sunshine's version of painting with rosemary. Using brush to guide the rosemary.

After hanging the painting in our house for a few weeks, Sunshine cut the painting into small pieces. He wanted to fold paper birds for his friends. It’s so touching that he thinking of gifts for them. He was quite motivated to make them. This summer, Sunshine learned how to fold these birds from his teacher Bill. As always, he loved showing me how to make them. I helped draw the eyes.
It was beautiful to watch the painting Sunshine made turn into these beautiful paper birds. It all started with a bag of great smelling Rosemary! Thanks Mom & Dad.

Folding away!

Sunshine's idea is to put one in each of his birthday goodie bags. Isn't that sweet?

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