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When Sunshine turned 5 this year, eye exam was on our list of to-dos! To be honest, I was a little worried. Not because he has been complaining of not seeing but because our family has a history of poor eye sight 😦

Well, he passed. The eye doctor told us to limit TV/technology (ipad, iphone, etc) to 15 min a day. Not, avg of 15 min. I’m ok with this but are his grandparents?? I have never been a fan of TV. We do have them and do watch them. In fact, I love having him watch the Chinese kid shows because of the language but I do believe in limiting exposure. Hope the doctor’s message will sink in.

Checking the pressure of his eye. Keep your eyes wide open...

Sunshine's left eye is little weaker than his right. But, doctor says to keep an eye on it and hopefully, it will develop ok.

Looking cool in his dark sunglasses.

Can you see? What letters are up there? I was impressed by how many letters he knew and how little the letters were! His mommy's a little blind without her contacts.


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Hicklebee’s is one of the best children’s bookstores around. They have an awesome selection of books and toys. But, the best are their author talks. At one of the events last year, Sunshine has had a chance to meet his favorite author, Marc Brown, and see him draw the characters real time. It was really amazing and has left both of us a lasting impression.

This time, we met David Carter, the creator of The New Lorax pop-book. The kids had a chance to hear how David became an artist. Then, he led them through a series of paper cutouts to create their own pop-ups. As always, I’m blown away by the creativity. It was a fun afternoon and definitely memorable.

BTW: The Lorax is a great Dr. Seuss book with content that tackles real environmental issues. Wonderful read with kids.

David Carter's showing the kids his different pop-up books. So, cool!

Another cool pop-up book. Look how memorized the kids are!

Asking David Carter how long he has been creating pop-ups and getting his new book signed.

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